So You Want To Go Camping?

For those of you who have wanted to try camping, but weren’t sure how to begin, I can help. Before my sons joined cub scouts, I had never been camping before.  After a successful indoor camping experience at Frost Valley, the pressure was on to attend (and organize) a family camping trip.  With no experience in this realm, I decided to think of it like throwing a barbecue or a dinner party, just in a natural beautiful setting. With no cell service, minds are present and the rest of the world fades away. In the end, you don’t remember the less than optimal sleeping conditions, what you do remember is your kids running around smiling for two straight days. It’s the most quality time we spend together, actually enjoying each other’s company. Going camping is simple, almost unbelievably cheap and a lot of fun. It’s easier than you think it’ll be, here are my tips:

  1. Don’t invest in a lot of gear for the first time. Try renting a cabin first to get the flavor of sleeping outdoors. My favorite cabins are at Allaire State Park, no indoor bathrooms, but comfy bunk beds near the Jersey Shore.
  2. Good food, is an essential requirement for enjoyable camping. This is the part that can be easy or exotic. If you are on your first campout you probably want to take the easy road until you get more comfortable with cooking outdoors.  Hot dogs and grilled cheeses are yummy campfire dishes. And there is no shame in going out to eat at a nearby restaurant, then coming back for s’mores and dessert.
  3. Choose your campground based on a fun family activity. Delaware River Family Campground and Whitewater Challengers both have rafting trips with transportation to and from the campground. Whitewater Challengers also provides meals!
  4. Pick a “room” with a view. The tent sites at Delaware River Family Campground and North South Lake are lakefront/riverside. Wake up to amazing waterfront views!
Here is a list of some local camping spots and pictures from our last successful family camping trip at Allaire State Park. 83 in attendance!


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Author: erinpruitt

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