Should You Change Your Style in Your Forties?

I turned 45 last month, and even though some days I feel 20 and other days I feel 80, for the most part I feel my age. The reality is I am halfway there if I live a really long life. The mirror is not always kind, and even though I am already sick of trying to look younger, the battle is really just beginning. At what point can we just let it all go like my Irish grandmother who puttered around her apartment in housedresses (yes, that’s a real thing) and hand-knit shawls? From the looks of things … never! We are a society obsessed with appearance and to be honest, I’m not ready to throw in the sexy-towel just yet (no, a sexy-towel isn’t a real thing, but if it was, I would buy it and share the link with you.) Just because we care about how we look, doesn’t mean we shouldn’t adapt our style a little to suit our age. As much as I would love to rock a leather mini skirt and a backless tank, that wouldn’t be good for anyone.

I gathered some tips from some of the beautiful people, for looking good and looking your age, in your 40s.

Avoid focusing on trends. Just because it looks good on Scarlett Johansson, does not mean it will look good on you — she gets paid to look like that. She has a staff of people making sure she doesn’t look anything but fabulous. Focus on what has always worked for you — you’ve had at least 24 years to get used to your fully grown bod. You know what looks good and what doesn’t. Don’t let celebs cloud your judgement.

Do not shop in the junior section. I make this mistake all the time. I assume you can only find fun clothing next to the slurpies and then, because I hate the changing room, end up bringing home cute clothes that look ridiculous on me. Don’t try to look young. Just try to look good.

– Just like some women are tempted to try too hard, some don’t try hard enough. You may have gotten away with the casual, thrown together look in your early 30s, but that’s when your skin still looked neat and pulled together. As you get older, you need to pay a little more attention to the detail. A good cut, a great bangle or a fabulous pair of shoes can make all the difference.

Invest in a couple of classic pieces — a jacket, a sweater or a bag. Don’t spend more money on your kids’ clothes than you do on your own just because everything looks good on them.

– If you don’t work outside the home, get out of your workout clothes at least every other day. Unless you are a PE teacher or a gangster, there is no excuse for 24/7 track suits — sorry, I know that one hurts.

– Finally, smile and stand up straight! These are the easiest ways to look and feel younger. I am managing my expectations. Since my last birthday, I have stopped hoping for “You look good.” and have started shooting for, “You look good for your age.” I guess some of the pressure is off.

IMPORTANT FOOTNOTE: All of these women are beautiful, Jennifer Aniston born in 1969, Amy Adams born in 1974 and Jennifer Lopez born in 1969,  AND all of these pictures are photoshopped.


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Author: Karen Latimer

Karen is a Family Doctor, mom of five and founder of Tips From Town.


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