Parents: Think Twice Before Letting Your Child Use KIK

KIK appA recent article in Chicago Now details the very real dangers of kids using the popular social messaging app KIK. For the uninitiated, KIK is an instant messaging application that’s similar to texting but users have multiple options of talking with individuals, with groups and within a social networking environment.  Users can also use Kik to send photos and files and send greeting cards.  It combines texting with a social network. While it’s probable that the majority of kids using KIK are using it just to send messages and photos to friends, the app is also heavily used for “sexting”.

-Users are supposed to be at least 13 or older to open a KIK account but there’s no age verification on the site. In the App Store, KIK is rated for 17+ years old.

-Your child does not need a cell phone to download KIK. An iPod or iPad will do just fine.

-There are reports of the blatant use of KIK to send and receive nude photos. Click here to see a screen shot of some disturbing KIK reviews in the App Store. There are dozens of these “reviews” left each day.

This seemingly innocuous app might be more trouble than it’s worth.



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Author: Jennifer Hamlet

Jennifer is the curator for Ridgewood and would love any feedback or suggestions you may have.