My Favorite New-fangled Parenting Developments

I have now officially been a mom for 12 years. In that time, much has changed. When Madelyn was born, I was still wearing a pager for work and hating my “human leash”. The idea anyone could get in touch with me at anytime was unsettling. A dozen years later, when I am without my cell phone, it feels as if a part of me is missing. Technology changes everything, but this isn’t about parenting apps.

In parenting, some of the best developments over the last 12 years have been the simplest ones.

Formula in packets to go. When I found these (I think it was when I had my 3rd child), they changed my life. A bottle of Poland Spring and some pricey little packets and we could conquer the world.



The Bumbo. I only had these awesome seats for the twins, who are almost four. I always felt like babies wanted to be more a part of the mix and these allowed them to get involved. And, if nothing else, they were great for pictures. They started calling it the Bumbo floor seat because parents didn’t intuitively realize it was a bad idea to put an unstable kid on the counter and leave her there.

Snap & Go. I had this one thankfully right from the start, but it only came out shortly before my first. Lifesaver, especially if you are in and out of cars and cabs.



This tub – I don’t know what to call it. I only had this for the twins but the little hammock thing made it so easy to clean everywhere fast.



Baby Einstein – Here’s the invention that got every mom spinning her wheels, thinking, “What can I come up with that Disney will buy for millions of dollars and then I can just hire someone to take care of these brats??” O.K., it had me thinking it. Seemed like the simplest concept. Babies have short attention spans. Instead of putting something different in front of them every 5 seconds, video it. As much as I want to hate the founder, Julie something or other, with her soft voice and millions in revenue, I had to love her. Some days, she was the only reason I could shower.

Now, I’m an old mom and out of the loop. What am I missing? All you newer moms out there, is there anything new to make me say, “I wish they had that when my kids were little!”

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Author: Karen Latimer

Karen is a Family Doctor, mom of five and founder of Tips From Town.


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