Labor-less Party

Hosting a party can be easier and less stressful,  if you make the process easier and, in turn more FUN. If you’re feeling that hint of stress, keep your next party labor-free. Promote relaxation, recreation and rest for all, including the party host. Avoid the time-sucking, stress-inducing aspects of throwing a big celebration by following a few of these party-planning tips.

Take the pressure off providing all the food by planning a “Bring Your Own Food” buffet, a good old-fashioned potluck. Make a general list of appetizers, side dishes, and desserts you’d like to serve at your party. Have it ready when you invite friends and they inevitably ask, “what can I bring?” Or just assign them a course and leave the details to them.  Do your part by providing the main entree of grilled chicken, herb burgers with goat cheese or grilled pizzas, then ask your guests to provide the sides and desserts to share. Consider prepping the day before. Or prepare an entree that can be made — and served — in a slow cooker, like pulled pork.

A Catered Affair
While the potluck option makes life easy, it also takes control of the menu out of your hands. Going with a caterer lets you avoid that risk while still skipping the cooking and clean-up stress. Or for a more affordable option, order some trays of marinated chicken and ribs from your local BBQ restaurant or fried chicken from a local chicken restaurant.

Keep the Bar Simple
There’s no reason you need to provide enough beer, wine, liquor and mixers to appease everybody’s drink of choice. In the spirit of keeping it laid-back and labor-free, choose a signature drink, such as frozen lemonade, a low carb summer cocktail or sunny orange margaritas, and make a large batch of it ahead of time. You can also skip the mixed drinks altogether and simply serve a variety of beer and wine. Remember to keep the non-drinkers in mind by having non-alcoholic beverages available.

Make Cleanup Easy
Disposable dishes are a laid-back hostess’ best friend. Aside from making cleanup a breeze, they save you the hassle of pulling out all of your fine china or making several trips to the dishwasher. To make your dinnerware look cohesive, purchase coordinating plates, cups and eating utensils. Additionally, strategically place trash cans throughout the party so all of the dinnerware actually finds its way to the garbage.

Rope guests into cleaning
Start cleaning up while plenty of guests are still around so they’ll be guilted into helping. Leave any remaining cleanup for tomorrow; there’s no sense in ruining your labor-free Labor Day party now!

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Author: erinpruitt

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