Kids Toy Storage

Kids plus toys equal a messy basement/family room. Children need toys as they grow and the majority of parents waste most of their time arranging and re-arranging them. It’s wise to invest in a good storage system.

My house was filled with Lego pieces which I kept stepping on (thanks to my 7 year old), I had to find a way to store them. I didn’t want to blow the bank, so I went to my favorite affordable design store-IKEA. I discovered their Expedit bookcase which can serve many functions. The Container Store Deep Sweater Bins ($9.99) fit perfectly in the bookcase cubes, which made the perfect home for my son’s Lego collection. Expedit comes in white or dark brown, can stand horizontally or vertically, and only costs $69.99! I also used it to create an instant mudroom (which you will see in a future post).

I recently discovered the Lay-n-Go, which is an activity mat turned storage bag. The brainchild of mom and dad duo, the Lay-n-Go is an all-in-one mat and storage satchel. It takes the stress out of cleaning up without putting a damper on kids’ fun time. An easy way to quickly clean up all those itty-bitty toys (i.e.  Legos, Barbie stuff, Polly Pockets) the kids dump out and leave on the floor. The playside fabric is a comfy nylon that’s tough enough to stand up to playtime. So lay it out, let them play, cinch it back up and your cleanup is done! It comes in different sizes (a small one for travel too).

Organized toy storage has two major benefits: one it ensures a clutter free room and second your kids will learn to be responsible and organized as they can access the toys on their own and clean them up (hopefully).

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Author: erinpruitt

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