Happy Baby Pose


move of the week, meditation, recharge, low back stretch, inner thigh stretch, hip openerThis move of the week is a Yoga Pose called Happy Baby Pose – apropos for this week’s theme of “Taking Care of You”. Use this pose to recharge your batteries and relieve stress and fatigue while stretching the lower back and opening up the hips. Lying on your back bring your knees into your chest. Grab your big toes with the first two fingers and thumb of each hand. As you exhale push your flexed feet up to the ceiling while equally pulling or resisting down with your hands creating a stretch. Keep the knees wider than your ribs. Hold this pose and breathe regularly for 30 seconds to a minute.

Notes: Try not to tense up your shoulders, keep them and your abs engaged throughout. Ensure that your ankles stay over the knees to prevent stress on the knee joints. Hold your pose at a point where you feel tension (a good stretch) but never pain.

Easier: If you can’t reach your toes, use two towels, bands or belts placed over the arch of each foot and grasp the ends with your hands. Press flexed feet up against towels and resist by pulling down on the ends of the towels.

Harder: Try grasping the soles of your feet with your hands. Work towards drawing the knees and thighs along the ribs to the floor.


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Author: tammyjuco

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