Breakfast May Not Be the Most Important Meal After All



I don’t eat breakfast … gasp! When I tell people this, I often get a, “You’re a doctor … you should know better!” or a “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day!” response. Now, the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition is supporting my no breakfast habit. They published an study which suggests there is no difference in weight loss between those who eat breakfast and those who skip breakfast. CNN provides a good summary. There is nothing definitive about the study, nothing that says don’t eat breakfast and you will lose weight. What it does say is that it may not make a difference after all. Not to toot my own horn, but that’s what I’ve been saying all along.

Diet and nutrition, especially when it comes to weight loss, is a very individual thing. The one-fits-all mentality is never going to work. We all have different metabolisms, different tastes, different ability to make certain “diets” and routines work for us.

I don’t wake up hungry and usually only start to get hungry about noon or 1 o’clock. When I force myself to eat in the morning, I am starving and tired all day. I end up either miserable from what feels like deprivation or giving in and snacking. I know I take in more calories when I eat breakfast. The weight maintenance routine which works for me is simply, “Eat Less, Move More.” Unless I am socializing and food is a part of it, I try to only eat when I’m hungry. This works for me.

I am not suggesting this will work for you. I have friends who say they could not make it out the door without breakfast. If you need food in the morning to get you going, try things that are filling but not heavy, like oatmeal and fruit. Focus on fiber and protein and avoid sugar.

I love this study because it underscores an essential aspect of weight loss … we are all different. Don’t change habits that are working for you because a celebrity touts a new diet or because someone thinks they know better. If you need to lose weight, find a routine that makes you feel good. Your body will speak to you. Be sure to listen.


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Author: Karen Latimer

Karen is a Family Doctor, mom of five and founder of Tips From Town.