Are You Hungry?

Do you ever wonder why some days you are starving and others you’re not? I struggle with this seesaw of hunger pains. As I did some research, I found out some things are basic common sense as to why a person would eat more. There is emotional eating, that time of the month, stress and boredom to name a few. If you are feeling hungry all the time, there are eating behaviors which may be causing you to have a stronger desire for food, more than usual. The Reader’s Digest has an article Are  you Making Yourself More Hungry, written by the Reader’s Digest editors for February 16, 2012. This article helps to explain why we are feeling hungry.

For example, some spices and herbs can stimulate an appetite (turmeric, ginger,parsley, mustard); not eating enough protein; alcohol drinks before dinner; high fructose corn syrup can increase rather than satisfy hunger; sugar and salt combo and even diet foods. Now I know why I am basically hungry all the time. I have my work cut out for me.

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Author: megandunphey