5+ Reasons to Take Your Kids to See Wonder Woman

I have always been a fan of a strong positive female role model. I have also been a huge fan of Wonder Woman since Linda Carter’s portrayal in the ‘70’s Tv series. But nothing quite prepared me for this movie. Of course, I expected it to be exciting and full of action – it is an action movie. But I wasn’t prepared for the visceral and emotional response I had. This movie was intense for me, so much so, that I feel I need to go back and watch it again (and maybe again) just to process it all. One scene in particular was so powerful I am not sure I was breathing; I was literally on the edge of my seat sweating and near tears.

Here are just some of my reasons why you need to see it and take your kids too:

  1. Badass Director: Patty Jenkins. This is the director of the movie and she has proven beyond a doubt that yes, women can direct action movies and they can do a damn great job at it too. Before the movie was released, there was much skepticism that a female director of a DC comics superhero action movie, a blockbuster, would not be able to do it justice. Well, guess what? She did do it justice and went above and beyond because adding that feminine touch was what tipped the scales of this movie to greatness. It became more about fight scenes and lent itself to a much deeper level of understanding the intricacies of human nature (more of this below). And keeping true to her beliefs she fought hard against film execs to keep (in my opinion) the most powerfully emotional and physical scene in the movie.
  2. Badass Female Star: Gal Gadot – Do I really have to say more?? Yes, this woman is a work of art, but she wasn’t portrayed as one. Although she is genetically blessed, she trained 6 hours a day to get in amazing physical shape AND she was muscular, strong and powerful just as an Amazon should be. Not only that, she filmed parts while 5 months pregnant. Before landing this role she almost quit acting altogether because of all the rejections she got – even she was rejected? Badass Female Star.
  3. Badass Buttercup: Robin Wright I just need to take a moment to marvel at Robin. Princess Buttercup has grown up and could now kick Prince Humperdinck and all his men – easily. Even though she is not known as an action star – at 51!!!! I think Robin stole the show in her scenes. Her athleticism and quiet domination was a force to behold. I have renewed awe and love for her.

    General Antiope

  4. Badass Society: AmazonsI was worried that like most movies these days we would be faced with beautiful, thin women, sexed up in next to nothing garb, but no – they were all powerful, athletic, muscular, different ethnicities and sizes. And the best – some were even “old” (gasp) yes, you saw wrinkles and lines and that just made them so much more beautiful and inspiring. These women were wise and could hand you your butt on a platter (including the Queen). The women lived in harmony together, running their own society and all were trained as warriors. What an inspiration for my girls (and myself) to see: You are not past you prime after 20. By the way, all of these actresses, young and old, underwent Gym Jones training – if you’re not familiar with this just check out the actors (male) from the movie 300.
  5. Girl powerthere is just so much girl power all around and yes most is obvious in the Amazons in general and Wonder Woman herself. But let’s not forget Etta Candy, although a very small role, her badassery is on a different level. She is relatable to anyone regardless of gender, age or physical ability. Women are powerful creatures; we can cause change and have just as much capability to be heroic (or immoral) as any man.

    Etta Candy

Absolutely, there is a lot of impressive physical strength and prowess in this movie, but without giving it all away there is an emotional potency that is not always portrayed in these superhero action films and maybe it’s unique because of the female director or because the main hero is female, or both.

Two things that I loved most were:
1. This superhero went beyond “getting the bad guy.” She was driven to help people; she cared for and about them; she hurt for them. There was a real sense of empathy portrayed that did not weaken her but gave her greater powers.

2. This movie delves deep into human psyche and deals with the concept of what is right and what is wrong and that most things are not black or white. There is a myriad of grey in between, open to interpretation and circumstances and that we can’t compartmentalize people.

While most of us will not have superpowers, we can have empathy, tolerance and compassion and these attributes are just as important in saving the world too.

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