25 Years of Vintage Toys


On April 1, April Fool’s Day, Big Fun will be officially celebrating our 25th anniversary,” says owner Steve Presser. “We actually did open up on April Fools in 1991.”

big-fun-toys-hoboken_zps28c05464Anyone who has personally walked through the doors of Big Fun will tell you to sit back and enjoy the ride!  It’s a direct transport back in time.  Upon entering, I found myself intensely scanning the store only to make eye contact with my husband who in response held up a vintage HE-MAN. He had an expression on his face that spoke a thousand words.  These two Big Kids just hit the mother lode!  The store embraces the young at heart and gently guides it’s visitors down memory lane.  It’s a time to forget what ails you and just be in the “past” moment.

Not to mention, the whole reason we were there in the first place was to find a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle for my now eight year old son.  That is ALL he wanted for his fourth birthday.  At the time non-existent at your local big box toy stores.  Thankfully for us, we found Big Fun!

The Cleveland Heights toy store is about to celebrate 25 years in the making!  Join them the weekend of April 1st.  Don’t miss the SALE!

25% off everything in the store on Friday April 1st, 15% off April 2nd, 10% off April 3rd

Celebrate these amazing savings with a piece of cake from Archies Lakeshore Bakery in Collinwood, Dr. U.R. Awesome bubble blower and other entertainers.

All of this Big Fun is not to be missed!




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Author: Megan Huff