What’s Your Sign?

Powerful and symbolic, each Zodiac represents the unique characteristics of your existence. Adorn yourself with your sign to connect to your astrological being while bringing out the power that lies within.



Aries:  Fiery, passionate Aries has the courage to love and be loved. Arians are driven and generally impulsive individuals. The Ram is known for its enthusiasm, energy, and excitement for all of life’s adventures.

Taurus:  The Taurus is known for its steadfastness and strength. A loyal companion, the bull has a passion for all things beautiful. The Taurus is extremely persistent yet appreciative and loving.

Gemini:  An unpredictable nature and a quick wit make the Gemini anything but dull. The charming twins possess an inquisitive personality that keeps them in a constant search to appease their ever-changing curiosities. The Gemini is also known to inspire others since their charisma and achievements are infectious.

Cancer:  Traditionalist Cancers love their families. They are domestic nesters and homebodies who devote their energies to creating an environment that is warm, loving, and inviting. The crab is identified with the tranquil essence of water and is known for its fidelity and sensitivity.

Leo:  Reliable Leo is used to being the center of attention. Confidence emanates from the Leo and manifests itself in dramatic gestures. Their bold, outgoing natures are tempered with genuine kindness.

Virgo:  Private and pragmatic, Virgo believes in preparedness. Attention to detail is a strength of Virgos and their output reflects this virtue. They are hard workers who tend to err on the side of caution.

Libra:  Libras are the antidote to conflict. Objective and just, Libras make wonderful moderators and judges. Always the diplomat, Libra is the champion of harmony and the nemesis of discord. The Libra’s natural charm makes resolution not only possible but also pleasant.

Scorpio:  Scorpios are inquisitive. They seek to know life’s mysteries and secrets. Intense and private, Scorpios prefer to share their thoughts with a select few. Those who are taken into their confidence are blessed for Scorpios are extremely loyal to friends.

Sagittarius:  Wild child Sagittarius loves to explore, to learn and to grow. The Archer meets the world with the spirit of an adventurer and the mind of a scholar. For Sagittarius, life is a grand adventure and possibilities await at every turn.

Capricorn:  Success is the Capricorn’s birthright. Earthy and industrious, the resolute Capricorn can expect hard work to be rewarded. The goat is cautious, watchful and deliberate and acts in a manner reflective of a disciplined character. 

Aquarius:  Aquarius is an independent, original thinker whose ideas may seem unconventional but clearly are the products of a steady, thoughtful mind. The water bearer is resolute, capable not only of conceiving the big ideas but also seeing them to fruition.

Pisces:  Creative and highly intuitive, Pisces is the most artistic of all the signs and highly adept at understanding people. While they are exceedingly sensitive and compassionate, the fish are also elusive and emotional extremists.









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