The Best Read Aloud Book

best read aloud bookSecret reader is one of my favorite kindergarten traditions. I know most schools have something similar. In our elementary school, the secretary announces to the kids over the intercom there is a secret reader coming in, and they all excitedly scramble to the mat. I walk in and the surprise on those beautiful little faces makes me feel like Taylor Swift walking into a middle school sleepover. Sadly, they will never again be so excited to see me, or so proud I am their mom. Therefore, I take the moment very seriously. I strive to pick the perfect book, one that will make me funny, cool and smart — one without many big words.

My last secret reader turn was a couple of weeks ago and because I was away, I abdicated this very important role to my husband. He did it better than me — waaaaaaa! He found the perfect book, and had the kids in stitches. I hate the realization this family can function without me, and I can kick myself for not finding this book first.

The Book With No Pictures by B.J. Novak (from The Office)

Here are a couple of sample pages so you will get the idea. True to title, there are NO pictures, but the text makes up for it!

best read aloud bookbest read aloud book


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Author: Karen Latimer

Karen is a Family Physician, Wellness Coach, and founder of Tips From Town. She is passionate about sharing her medical expertise, her coaching techniques and her parenting experience to encourage happier and healthier lives.


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