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A Summer Camp Your Little Ones Will Love

Our favorite preschool, West Side Nursery School, in town is offering 4 terrific camps for kids this summer. My kids and Karen’s loved these camps when they were young enough to go. If they could, we’re pretty sure they’d try to lie about their age so they could sneak back inmfor a week. We loved that the camps were fun […]

A Camp for Every Type of Kid

As moms, we were tired of the exhaustingly long lists of camps that some sites run. This year, we decided to highlight a few of our favorites.Whether your’re looking for 2018 or getting ahead for 2019, each of these camps offers something unique that you won’t find anywhere else.   A Camp for Cowboys & Cowgirls The […]

A Spectacular Summer Adventure for Kids in the Wild West

Leave your expectations at home. This is unlike any place you’ve ever been. Imagine spending the summer in the breathtaking Rocky Mountains with campers from 48 states and 16 foreign countries. If you have a child with a sense of adventure, who enjoys a physical challenge and has a love of nature and the outdoors, Camp Cheley is […]

The Summer Camp for Rising Stars…(and Everyone Else!)

French Woods Festival of the Performing Arts, nestled around a 40 acre private natural lake is not your ordinary camp. They do more shows, concerts, dance performances and circus performances than any camp out there. Famous for their music, theater, and circus programs, French Woods has the largest children’s circus training facility in the world! And their theater program will put on more than 80 theater […]

What Kind of Parent Would Send Their Kid Away??

At the time, I thought I had the best summers ... lazy, hazy days with nothing to do. I heard about these strange families that sent their offspring away to fend for themselves for the summer. It didn't sound glamorous or extravagant. It sounded mean and scary.

Summer Tennis Camps 2013

Tennis camps differ drastically from each other, here are some camps that offer a great experience.

Teaching Golf to Kids

By teaching your kids to golf, you're introducing them to a sport they may be able to play for the rest of their lives. One of the keys to getting your child interested in golf is finding a program that they enjoy participating in.


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