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7 Ways to Stop the Stress From Affecting Your Skin

Edited and reposted from a few years ago … this post is a great reminder for me! Every year at this time, I start feeling like I’m picking up the green hue of the grinch, even though my spirit is at an all time high. I want the excitement and joy I feel on the […]

What to Do When You Have a Sunburn

Even when you’re careful. occasionally sunburns still happen. When they do, there is not much you can do about them. Like a hangover, the best cure is simply time. However, there are a couple things you can try to ease the pain and maybe speed up the healing: Stay out of the sun until healed. Take […]

FEED YOUR FACE: Pear, Egg & Farmer’s Cheese.

The best ingredients for face masks are always organic and made with ingredients you can find in your fridge! This mask made with pear and farmers cheese was specially created by Iva Sebestyan, owner of the facial spa, Flora’s Cottage in Ridgewood!  Also Read: 8 Tips for Making the Most of Your Mask Ingredients 1/2 a pear 1 egg yolk […]

Iva’s 2 Ingredient, Organic Face Mask for Normal Skin

The best ingredients for face masks are always organic and good enough to eat! This mask with cooling yogurt or farmers cheese was created by Iva Sebestyan, owner of Flora’s Cottage in Ridgewood!  Also Read: 8 Tips for Making the Most of Your Mask Ingredients 1 tablespoon of unsweetened greek yogurt or farmers cheese 1tablespoon of honey Directions 1. Remove […]

Wrinkles And Pimples And Spots — Oh My!

Also Read: Can Ingesting Collagen Slow Down the Aging Process? I had to start getting ready in the dark because my skin in winter depresses me. I am pale heading toward chartreuse, and I am aging at exponential speeds (I really think we age in spurts the way kids grow in spurts, and I am definitely […]

Can Ingesting Collagen Slow Down Your Aging Process?

You know you’re losing Collagen. The effects are evident in the mirror. Saggy skin, wrinkles and dryness all increase as we age, and lack of collagen is in large part to blame. Collagen is a protein our body makes, and we can think of it simply as a building block in the big structures that […]

Renew Your Skin with Orange & Lavender

Our skin takes a beating in the summer for sure. Come August, between sun, sweat, sand, salt water and chlorine, my skin has lost its luster and is seriously desperate for a boost! Here, is one of our favorite recipes from blogger Karen Fernand using ingredients that are easy to find and guaranteed to leave your skin feeling smooth and […]

It’s Never Too Early to Start Taking Care of Your Skin

Check out Willa, a natural skincare for girls, made with no harsh chemicals.

A Secret from the Stars!

So, we've only suffered a handful of really cold days this winter- I probably should be considering us lucky, but I can feel a change in my skin already.  I have possibly tried hundreds of different skin care lines- but I can now tell you, I have found one of my favorites.

Lose the dead skin

Lose the dead skin.