From Keg to 6-Pack

Get rid of that beer-belly with the help of this abdominal exercise.

Tim’s Keg Haulers

This "functional" exercise is highly effective for those times when you need to haul kegs of beer, boxes, kids or anything heavy - oh, and it's great for the butt too.

Swimmer’s Back – No Water Required

Streamline your back muscles and improve your posture with this move of the week.

The One Item Every Home Gym Should Have

One of the most versatile, and functional pieces of equipment any Home Gym should have... is probably right under your nose (at no additional cost to you).

Get into the Swing

Whether you're short on time or want to add a bonus blast to your workout, this full body move of the week is for you.

Take the Cardio Challenge – Combo 3

Do you have it in you to take my cardio challenge? Or just use this move of the week to get a full body, calorie burning blast.

Triceps with a Band

Tone your Triceps with this variation - cue sexy, summer arms.

Sliding Abs

I love this one! A challenging but fun ab burner.

Cardio Combo 1

Use the combination of these two moves to incorporate high intensity intervals into your workout routine and burn major calories.

Reverse Axe Chop

The move for this week incorporates the entire body in a fluid and controlled movement. Choose between beginner to advanced options for the reverse axe chop.


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