A Muddled “New” Old-Fashioned

 Here’s an upgrade to the old-fashioned classic cocktail, with thanks to Bill Heck’s recipe (Bon Appetit). I substituted granulated sugar for the cubes… turned out equally as tasty. SIZE: makes 1 INGREDIENTS:  2 sugar cubes (or 1 1/2-2 teaspoons granulated sugar) 4 dashes of Angostura bitters 1 lemon wheel 1 lime wheel 1 orange wheel 1 […]

Blood Orange Cocktails

Tis the season for blood oranges.  Any one of these cocktails will give you a blast of Vitamin C.   Blood oranges are not as acidic as common oranges, therefore they are less bitter and slightly sweeter.

Orange Poppy-Seed Bundt Cake

Many times lemon poppy-seed cakes and cookies are offered, but how about orange poppy-seed cake?  Citrusy and full-flavored, serve this with coffee, tea or for dessert.

Pina-Naranja Margarita

Sunshine in a pitcher.   No matter what the forecast says… rain, snow, hail… sunny pineapple-orange margaritas brighten up anyones spirits!

White-Chocolate-Dipped Strawberries w/Citrus Sugar

ummm… yum!  Strawberries coated in decadent white chocolate and then dipped once more with a citrus sugar blend.

Green-Onion Risotto

Some may say preparing risotto is a labor of love.  Takes no longer than cooking plain old rice, but it does take a bit more watching over and stirring.  Citrus undertones, green onion, white wine and parmesan cheese all take part in delivering...

Muddled “New” Old Fashioned

With the final season of Madman soon approaching… an upgrade to the old fashioned classic cocktail seemed only apropos, with thanks to Bill Heck’s recipe (Bon Appetit). I substituted granulated sugar for the cubes… turned out...

Spiced Cranberry Bundt Cake

Perfect cake for a group of holiday gatherers.  I love it for breakfast with my coffee or for dessert.  Moist yet loaded with texture.  Chewy dried cranberries, toasted almonds and a bit of exotic spices go into creating this gorgeous Bundt.

Citrus-Blossom Gin Fizz

Deliciously light and refreshing.  A wonderful blend of gin, citrus and ice provide a superb  sipping experience.

Lillet avec Orange

This refresher is nothing new.  But a pass-it-forward, nonetheless.  Thanks, Mom for turning me on to Lillet, and another thanks, to whomever introduced it to her.


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