Stuffed Mushrooms w/Goat Cheese and Rosemary Breadcrumbs

A bite-sized proportion of complete satisfaction.  Loads of flavor in such a compact bundle.

Chicken Marsala

An elegantly comforting dish. Creamy marsala and mushroom sauce atop tender juicy chicken breasts. Great for guests or better yet a week night dinner for the entire family.

Open-Face Turkey Burgers w/Gruyere, Mushrooms, & Arugula Salad

A little something from each of the food groups is represented in this pretty little package.  Serve fresh cut-up heirloom tomatoes along side, sprinkled with fresh ground black pepper.

Steakhouse Kabobs

Have a hankering for beef? Give this beef, mushroom and onion kabob a go. I certainly had a craving and this version rid me of it with complete satisfaction! Adapted from seriouseats.com… the only thing truly altered is that most of us with...

Grilled Fontina-Stuffed Meatballs & Veggie Kabobs

Grilled meatballs stuffed with cheese?  Clever!  Accompanied with grilled vegetables, one of which is artichokes?  Genius!  Balsamic Glaze goes swimmingly with this combination, and so does a nice steamy bowl of rice.

Creamy Penne w/Asparagus & Mushrooms

Mix it up tonight.  Forget the red sauce.  Try penne with a creamy parmesan sauce tossed with grilled asparagus, mushrooms and petite peas.

Veggie-Chicken Burgers

Grilled chicken burger patties are enhanced with freshly chopped vegetables and seasonings.

Thai-ish Pork Burgers

What do you get when you mix Thai ingredients with ground pork?  Thai-Spiced Pork Burgers!  Whole Foods carries all of the ingredients for this dish.

Mushroom Meatloaf w/Mushroom Gravy

Not going to lie… the gravy takes some time due to all of the chopping. It makes more than you’ll need, so it’s worth it for that alone. Freeze the rest or use later in the week over some pork chops, roasted turkey, or mashed...


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