move of the week

Finding Your Inner Strength

Everything we do from daily activities to exercise and sports draws from our core strength. This move of the week develops the innermost ab muscles.

Unwind Your Spine

A tough day, a mom-to be or a new mom, lower back issues or you just need to relax before bed, this is the move for you.

Ramp Up the Intensity

Burn more calories and see more changes when you add a little more intensity.

Train Like a Pro

Throw this training drill into your workout routine to rev up your intensity, fat burning ability and fun.

Life is All About Balance

This move of the week is not only fun to do but will put your balance to the test.

A Resolution You Can Keep

If fitness resolutions are difficult for you to maintain, this move of the week is for you. 30 Days of just a little more activity than you are getting now.

Building a Bombshell Bod

This advanced, yoga-inspired pushup is perfect fro strengthening and toning the upper body and challenging your core.

Triceps with a Twist

Spice up the mundane with this variation on the triceps exercise.

It’s All in the Curtsey

Dancers have great legs for a reason. Try this modified lunge for ultimate lower body sculpting.

Beyond the Basic Squat

This move of the week combines a squat, bicep curl and added resistance for a challenging multi-muscle exercise.


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