jasmine rice

Asian Salmon Bowl with Lime

Salmon is another winner in the taste and health area of food options.  Salmon provides Omega-3 fatty acids, which decreases the risk of certain cancers, promotes cardiovascular health and encourages healthier skin and hair cells.   There are so many benefits to eating salmon.  This recipe is simple to prepare and one that may become a […]

Tiki Ribs

Sticky, gooey, finger-licking good luau-style ribs. I forgot to add the paper umbrella, but feel free… the cherries and fruit entice the younger ones in the house. After all… who doesn’t want a cherry on top? While ribs are...

Thai Shrimp-Halibut Curry

There’s something about Thai curry and coconut milk with any meat or vegetable.  I thank the heavens for this combination.  Just down-right delightful with shrimp and fish. Serving this “stew” over jasmine rice sweetens up the...

Chicken Curry

I had this version of chicken curry years ago at our recipe group and love it’s simplicity. Never fails and warms the soul on these cold nights.

Coconut Rice

Perfect accompaniment to South Pacific dishes… Thai and Polynesian inspired foods especially.