french fries

Oven Fries w/Herbs & Pecorino

Don’t be afraid of the fry. When baked they are equally delicious yet a tad healthier without the oil. Add a little cheese and herbs and you’ve got one heck of a side that the family will gobble up tonight. May want to actually double...

Cheeseburger & Fries Bake

Thank you food.com for allowing me to share to the good folk who follow us, this scrumptiously cheesy, burger and fry combo casserole.

Oven Fries w/Coriander Seeds

Avoid the greasy mess of deep-fried French fries… oven-baked are the healthier choice and kids hardly notice the difference.  A little enhancement via coriander and thyme appeal to both adults and kids alike.  Adds just the right amount of...

Fiendish Fries

Want your kids to eat sweet potatoes? There are cookie cutters for every season, holiday and occasion out there. Give these a whirl… Not all sweet potatoes are orange either. As you can see from this photo. Not only are they sweet… but...