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Sheet Pan Dinners: The Efficient and Healthy Choice

Right now It’s all about health.  Unfortunately for many of us, our lives just aren’t conducive to making good choices for dinner.  However, leave it to the millennials to find a way to combine health with convenience, leaving us with delicious, fast and fresh meals that will make your whole family think you spent hours […]

Ham & Cheese “Panini”

When I am too lazy to cook and my cupboards are bare, I make “paninis.” These aren’t the traditional paninis because I use pita bread. The pita bread holds all the good stuff inside and makes it easier to eat for the kids. Below are two that I do often, but you can add any combination of ingredients. About […]

Jen’s Buffalo Blue Chicken Chili

I love this recipe because my kids still get the buffalo wing flavor but there are so many veggies and beans in it that it is really more nutritious. I sneak beans into a lot of what my kids eat. Loaded with vitamins and fiber, it almost cancels out...


This 6-ingredient meatless meal is packed with lots of protein and healthy omega-3s. Plus, it’s delicious!

One Pot Pasta With Protein

This is an easy one pot meal with a little bit of everything. It is one of my go to dishes every week.

Quick Cannellini Soup

On a dreary rainy day, nothing is more comforting than warm soup, and it's even better when you can prepare it in less than 30 minutes.

Asparagus & Lemon Risotto

This risotto dish is wonderfully tasty and satiating on it’s own, but equally serves as the perfect accompaniment with other dishes. Creamy, tart and veggie fresh.

Grandma’s Chicken

All my kids and at least 10 of my nieces and nephews choose this as their birthday dinner every year. It was one of my mother’s go to dinner recipes, and the smell of it reminds me of home.

Bird’s Nest Pasta

Quick and delicious fresh tomato and basil sauce with some “bird eggs” thrown in. Use as a side or as a main dish. This is a great warm weather alternative to a heavy red sauce. You can use gluten free pasta as well.

Korean Beef Stir-Fry

One of the beauties of stir-fry is that it cooks up quickly. That and the mere fact that it’s delicious!  This recipe was inspired by flavors found in Korean barbecue (according to eatingwell.com). The blend of all it’s ingredients...


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