ReCreateU Modern Terrarium Bar

What a wonderful addition to our town! ReCreateU Modern Terrarium Bar on  8 South Park Avenue is a DIY piece of paradise. Whether you are having a mom/daughter day out, a weekend date or a girl’s night out  – this concept is a truly relaxing experience and is being met with enthusiasm by all I’ve spoken to. My friend and co-worker Debbie said she was there with her friends and came a week later with her mother, mother in law and daughter! First you pick out your base – which can be as small as a coffee mug and as large as the hanging planters in the pictures below. Then, you choose your plants (assortments of succulents, cactus and air plants)  and “extras.” Sam was very helpful and knowledgeable about price points and plant specifics. It really is a great feeling being able to sit back and admire something you created with your own hands. Getting your hands a little dirty is a small price to pay for becoming a terrarium artiste!

Oh, and I can’t forget the original store – ReCreateU also has a gift shop on 19 South Village Avenue with many unique gifts, novelty items and really cool home decor items! P.S. A little tip – there is a coupon on YELP for $5 off – use your app to save!

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Author: Thea Ferzola


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