If You’re Not Eating Seasonally Yet – Here’s Why and How

Nutrition, eating locally, seasonal foods, farmers, farmer markets, GMO, healthy eating, comfort foods, fall foods, tips from townIt’s harvest time in North America. What better occasion to eat locally grown foods. Farmer’s markets are at their prime with all their fabulous fall fare to create a multitude of Comfort Foods like soups, stews and casseroles synonymous with autumn. But, if you feel hitting the farmer’s markets is just one more errand to add to your list, here are some other reasons to shop locally AND to buy “in-season” foods:

–       Fresher and better flavor – the produce is allowed to ripen longer on the vine with less time between picking and eating

–       Better for the environment – decreased environmental impact of transporting foods over shorter distance vs. across country or overseas

–       Supporting your local economy and farmers

–       Less expensive

–       Non-GMO

If you can’t make it to a Market, focus on the seasonal foods in your local grocery store for many of the same reasons. This website has an interactive map that lets you know with one click the fruits and veggies currently in season for your state. Also, get access to numerous recipes and shopping guides.

Click this link, which is updated weekly to give you a comprehensive list of up to date, in-season foods from fruits, veggies, nuts, meat, fish and seafood. If you want to check a particular food, go to the food index to learn the best months to eat it, along with a variety of recipes specific to that food.



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Author: tammyjuco

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