Fitness Inspired Gifts for Kids

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If you’re racking your brain to think of gifts for your kids, why not check out these fitness-related gifts. They may inspire even the most sedentary of kids to be more active (and healthier – but don’t tell them that).

Similar to all the fuel bands, calorie counters, and activity monitors out there for adults, the Zamzee is the equivalent tech for kids. Clip it on like a pedometer and watch your points and rewards accumulate with the more activity you do. Kids can plug it into the computer to track how they are doing, be part of a community, and use the helpful handouts and activity suggestions available on the website. If your child is a gamer and loves the concept of virtual rewards this is the gift for her/him and it has been shown to increase physical activity in kids up to 59%.

wodtoys.comWod Toys offers Crossfit inspired equipment appropriate for kids aged baby and up. For moms and dads who workout at home, this is an ideal gift for the kiddos to workout with you without using your stuff or hurting themselves with your gear.


Cranium Hullbaloo This award winning board game gets kids up and moving from hopping on one foot to dancing and moving. Kids will work on balance and coordination while also improving listening and learning skills.

Good old fashioned Twister – great for the whole family.

kids health, exercise, activity, holiday gifts, increase activity, fitness gifts, new bike, tips from townNew Gear – whether it’s new sports equipment, shoes, balls and gloves to scooters and bikes – get them excited and eager to get out and be active.

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