Can You Teach Organization?

letters, numbers, kidsSometimes I think organization is in the DNA, and I have a missing link. I have a sister who, by nature, is an extremely organized individual. It must’ve been awful living with me as a kid. I am, by nature, the opposite of extremely organized. This translated into us being late for school, me losing all the clothing I borrowed from her and a bedroom with a split personality. When she graduated from college, her first job offered a course in organization which was scheduled around the Franklin Planner method. This class accomplished what I had thought to be impossible, it made her even more organized. Her home is always perfect, she never misses a birthday and her overall stress level is much lower than mine.

I get organized in fits and starts and usually out of necessity. For instance, I accidentally gave all my summer clothes to Goodwill a few months ago. This spurred on a frenetic race toward minimizing my chaos, which lasted all of 15 minutes before I got distracted by a bright, shiny object. My stay-with-it-ness really sucks. I know this must be affecting my kids. I have to stop hoping they will take a Glass Castle approach and reject all my flawed examples. It is time to stop the madness.

• Studies show organized people are happier. Happy is good for kids.

• Studies show organized people accomplish more and earn more money. Great! More money to take care of their aging mother.

• Studies also show organized people live longer (probably because they remember to floss). Longevity is a good gift to give kids.

If not for the sake of my own sanity, then for the example I’ll be setting for my kids, it is time to clean out my metaphorical closet. But … how do I change my ways? Help!?!

Here are few sources to help you and your kids become more organized.
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Author: Karen Latimer

Karen is a Family Doctor, mom of five and founder of Tips From Town.


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