2 More Reasons to Slow Down Around Town

slow downOne evening last week, I was driving home from dinner in Summit with two friends. They will remain nameless, but it is definitely a sign we are getting old, as they both said they hate driving after dark. Since I am significantly younger than Amy and Heather (oops!), I have no problem with nighttime driving. Just as a reminder to all of us who drive cars too big, on roads too dark, going too fast to get our kids to their too many activities, here are two reasons to SLOW DOWN in town right now.

Let’s enjoy a safe October in town.

  1. Have you seen the plentitude of deer?? I feel like Snow White with forest animals flocking to me every time I turn a corner. Luckily they don’t startle easy — seems they know we are soft suburban people who could never hurt Bambi — but, all it takes is one skittish doe and your car and your life are in serious jeopardy. They can cause major damage. I would also advise checking your kids for ticks after they’ve been outside. READ MORE about Lyme Disease and how to prevent it.
  2. Have you seen the plentitude of little ghosters?? Probably not because they are outfitted like ninjas to avoid getting spotted. The problem with this is they are also darting into the streets to get away from their ring and run victims. Be aware, they are there, and they are kids, so they are stupid and careless. Don’t Know What Ghosters Are? READ THIS


Here are the deer pictures I took in the last couple of days before I realized they were a dime a dozen and just started driving past them. Should I start looking out for Prince Charming or what??

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Author: Karen Latimer

Karen is a Family Doctor, mom of five and founder of Tips From Town.


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