Wine Dispensing Systems

There has been a fairly recent surge in the popularity of preservation systems in bars, restaurants, and retail stores. Wine dispensers are devices designed to serve and preserve wines. Dispensers store stored wines at cool temperatures and oxygen is prevented from entering the bottle when pouring. Now you can buy one for your home.

The state-of-the-art wine dispenser and preserves four bottles of red or white wine. It not only cools your wine but helps keep wine fresh for several weeks. With easy push button controls, you can easily dispense a perfect glass of wine (10ml) with just a touch of a button. Home Depot $879.

For the perfect pour, store and preserve two bottles at once with this state-of-the-art wine keeper-dispenser from Crate and Barrel for $499. Two 50-degree pre-set chilling chambers can be customized separately to your preferred temperature between 7 to 68 degrees Fahrenheit. Each is outfitted with an aerator to advance the “breathing” process and open up the full bouquet of wines quickly, while simultaneously vacuum-pressurizing contents to delay oxidation (5–7 days for white wine, 7–10 days for red wine).

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