The Must Have Pillow For a Perfect Night’s Sleep

biosense foam pillow brookstoneYes, I am showing my age. I have been waking up with shoulder pain from sleeping on my side for the past few years. I have tried all different kinds of pillows and was never satisfied. They were too soft or too hard. My children were having the same issues regarding too hard or soft. (I know we sound a bit like the Princess and the Pea). I just couldn’t find the right combination. Then I hit the jackpot. I tried this pillow and loved it. It is comfortable yet gives you the support you need. I bought the “shoulder” pillow for my husband (helped stop his snoring as a bonus, even though he will tell you he never snored) and me, and the “classic” pillow for my kids. They now travel with them everywhere we go. I also bought them as gifts for my parents and in-laws. You can purchase them at Brookstone. Keep in mind, once they are opened you can’t return them.

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Author: amynidds

Amy loves to help you find the best deals out there or something she thinks you just have to have! Content and Finds Editor


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