Irish Blessings

The Irish have a long love affair with the spoken and written word. Think of all the wonderful writers who have hailed from this somewhat small island: Oscar Wilde, James Joyce and W.B Yeats. I’ve heard and grown to love these Irish blessings at weddings, birthdays, farewells and funerals over the years. I can still hear […]

Irish Gifts Of RVC

So last month, me and my guy were on our way to his sister’s wedding. As he was dashing out the door to pick up his suit from the dry cleaner he said to me “Oh, man, I wish I had a flask.” At first I was like “ummm okay, ya big lush, ya”  But then […]

Bachelorette and Bachelor Party Planning

Grooms-of-honor and brides-to-be are looking for so much more, well planned events with personalized details that reflect their style and personality.


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