The Today Show featured several Sochi inspired meals in February 2013 (yes, one year in advance) and this particular Borscht recipe is Olympic-Gold worthy. Everything but the kitchen sink seems to be thrown in this hearty version… thanks to...

Sunrise Sandwich

Thanks to Women’s Health Magazine for posting a healthier alternative to the infamous Egg McMuffin. This version is more flavorful and incorporates “heart-healthy” guacamole, lycopene-rich tomato, smoked turkey, eggs and cheese all...

Garden Vegetable Quiche

All the major food groups addressed in this crustless quiche from Cooking Light (September 2006). Great to eat alone or serve for dinner with a light salad alongside.

Grilled Cheese All Grown-Up

Who doesn’t love grilled cheese?  Seems to be the trend in various cooking publications as well.  Below I’ve listed 3 suggestions but check out these sites to give you even more inspiration… grilled cheese...

Oven-Roasted Tomatoes Stuffed w/Goat Cheese

I’m sorry, but when do tomatoes and cheese ever sound like a bad combination? Um… NEVER! If you like goat cheese, this is your recipe. Stuffed tomatoes to the nth degree. Roasting them gets them creamy… and buttery… and...

Salmon Panzanella

This traditional Italian bread salad is full of tomatoes and cucumber and gets a protein boost with the addition of grilled salmon. From Eatingwell.com.  Find Out Why You Should Add Salmon to Your Diet!

Avocado “Taco” Bar

Avocados are nature’s perfect little bowl.  Leave it to the staff at Martha to come up with filling them with taco fixins’. These are just their suggested ingreds… feel free to place out whatever you’d like and pile it on...

The Bloody

Whether it’s Saturday or Sunday morning and you were out late the night before thinking you could re-live your 20?s, think again.   Most likely you will need to straighten yourself out and get a grip that you are indeed not 25.  This recipe...

Summer White Bean Salad

Amazing flavor with so little ingredients.  Make this a must-have side with every spring-summer entree.


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