The Fallout We Need to Consider

The dark humor abounds. Funny videos are hitting my inbox, and my texts are blowing up with memes about the increased need for alcohol and the decreased need for toilet paper — we all seem to have much more than we need. I appreciate the laughs, I really do. I need them. As I’ve learned the […]

Thank you, Mr. Hoffman

Reposted from Nov, 2016 A few years back, the minister at my father’s church asked his parishioners to write a letter to somebody who made an impact in their life. There are so many times when people have a real impact but we don’t express it. Often times, we assume that they know. For most of us, […]

2016 World Series: Experiencing the Pain of the Chicago Cubs and the Cleveland Indians

by William B. Leahy “I FEEL THEIR PAIN.” Former President Bill Clinton was alternately praised and ridiculed for staring soulfully into a voter’s eyes and saying, “I feel your pain.” As I contemplate the current World Series between the Chicago Cubs and the Cleveland Indians, I know to a moral certainty that the chronic pain of […]

Deep Thoughts from Tammy on Election 2016

Good, Bad or Indifferent: no matter your thoughts, we have a monumental election looming and I'm adjusting to my new role.


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