How to Give Back While You Shop on Amazon

Amazon Prime has saved me countless times: for that birthday gift that you forgot to buy or the school supplies that you need tomorrow. If you’re as dependent as I am on Amazon (but please, when you can shop locally when you can!), you should sign up for AmazonSmile. It’s a simple way to support your favorite charity or […]

Saving Up with this Penny-Pinching App

A friend recently recommended an app for penny-pinching called Acorns. It allows you to invest by by rounding up every purchase you make to the nearest dollar. So, if you buy a coffee for $4.75, 24¢ would go into an investment portfolio. It costs $1 a month and you can cash out of investments whenever you want. […]

Moms, How Much Are You Worth?

Feeling a little…undervalued and unappreciated? Many stay-at-home moms do! It ca be tough on the ego if you aren’t earning a paycheck for all of your hard work–especially if you used to earn one in your pre-mom life! Grab a glass of wine and plug in some numbers to salary.com and find out what all your […]

Pinching Pennies – A Tip for Saving for Vacation

Get the kids involved. Saving loose change for vacation really pays off!


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