Swimmer’s Ear

Summer is here and so is an increased possibility of getting Swimmer's Ear. Learn about it and tips for prevention.

Teenage Athlete Angst

If you have kids that are heavy into sports, you need to read this.

Morning Routines Made Easier

Weekday mornings can be brutal for families, but they don't have to be. These tips can help get everyone up and on there way.

Can Your Kids Take a Vacation from Electronics?

As various electronic devices are more readily available to kids (and at an increasingly younger age), good old-fashioned reading has become a lost art. Challenge your kids (and maybe yourself as well) to take a vacation from your devices and check out some books instead.

There will be No Tricks with These Healthy Treats

Take the fright out of the Halloween candy-craziness with these tips.

Lunches They’ll Love (and You’ll Feel Good About)

Back to school means back to making lunches. Ban the monotony but keep the healthy with these ideas.

Last Minute Summer Camps

If summer vacation is seeming endless and you need ideas for your kids, here are some late august camps to get you through.

Cool New Gear Alert

Not just for running! This product is ideal for any "hands-free" activity and looks great too.

Creative Tools to Make Your Kids Do Chores

Get your kids to do chores voluntarily and happily with these motivators and charts.

Cool Game Apps for Kids

Video game apps can teach kids strategy and how to think creatively to achieve a goal. Most are designed to allow players to succeed and be rewarded for that success.


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