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How to Keep the Kids Busy on Thanksgiving

Here are a few ways to keep the kids busy so you can sit and enjoy your meal?  1. Get them ready to dress the part. Have tables ready with construction paper, glue and scissors and let the kids make fun pilgrim or turkey hats. Or buy kits that are ready to go on Native […]

How to Personalize Guests’ Glasses at Your Next Party.

Over the years, I’ve used many different wine glass labels to differentiate whose glass is whose. The fun little suctions always seem to fall off and go missing. The rings that go around the stem are often time-consuming in a busy moment. Plus, most of my wineglasses are now stemless to avoid spills. I discovered these […]

Spiced Ginger Cocktail

This takes a little extra work but this sweet and savory spiced cocktail is perfect for a festive holiday party. It’s made with La Poire vodka giving it the freshness of an Anjou pear. Ingredients 1 part Grey Goose® La Poire 1 parts DISARONNO® Originale Liqueur ½ tsp Maple Syrup 1 part Apple Cider ½ part Lemon Juice […]

How to Host a Labor-less Party

Keep your next party labor-free. Avoid the time-sucking, stress-inducing aspects of throwing a big celebration by following a few of these party-planning tips.

Cinco Things You Should Know About Cinco de Mayo

Party On ... But know what you are celebrating!

LBD – Desirable Arms and Legs

Ladies, pull out that Little Black Dress and show off your arms and legs with this quick, pre-party toning workout.

Around the World NYE Party

Bring the world to your house or neighborhood by having an Around the World Party. Travel the time zones. It's always midnight somewhere in the world.

The Party to End All Parties: A Lighter Look at the End of the World

Many people believe that Dec 21, 2012 will signal the end of the world (as we know it). It's time to party! Yours will be a party that no one will ever be able to top, primarily because no one will ever have another party (just kidding).

Let Your Outfit Be The Life of the Party!

Got a slew of invites this Holiday Season and just have no clue what to wear? Here are some fashion-foward looks that will make an entrance whether you're hitting up an office souiree or sipping martini's at a cocktail party!


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