heart health

Shea’s Story

Rachel tells us about her four year old son's inspiring journey.

Heart Health Month — Are You At Risk For A Heart Attack?

Did  you know that heart disease is the number one cause of death in our country? Read up on your risks for a heart attack.

Newsflash: Women Have Hearts Too!

I know this will come as quite the shock to some of you.

Asian Salmon In Foil

A delicious meal for your family or dinner party that takes only a few minutes to prepare.

All Things Avocado

There's so much more to avocados than guacamole!!

The Egg – Friend or Foe?

Are eggs really the villains that the media portrays them as?

Snowfall and Heart Health – It Must Be February

Did you know the heart attacks increase after a snowfall?

Spread the Love (and Info)

It's Heart Health month - take a few minutes to learn about the signs and symptoms of heart attacks.


Despite negative press in the past, eggs (and NOT the chocolate kind) are a wonderfully healthful and nutritious food.

Are You at Risk for Having a Heart Attack?

Heart disease is the number one killer of women, could you be at risk?


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