Piña Colada Guacamole

When you serve this guacamole your guests will wonder what’s making it sweet. When you tell them its piña colada guacamole, their faces brighten up and they all make this sound… ohhh… hmmmm… yumm! And it is. Serve with...

Mexican Pizza Pie

Simple and easy.  Make 2 for a perfectly fulfilling weeknight dinner.

Sunrise Sandwich

Thanks to Women’s Health Magazine for posting a healthier alternative to the infamous Egg McMuffin. This version is more flavorful and incorporates “heart-healthy” guacamole, lycopene-rich tomato, smoked turkey, eggs and cheese all...

Cilantro-Lime Chicken Fajitas w/Grilled Onions

Fire up the grill for some sizzlin’ sassy fajitas!


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