Blessed to be Stressed!

This week, most of my friends have agreed that we are running around like chickens with our heads cut off to create the “magic” of Christmas. In fact, Karen and I have been saying, “We just need to get to the 26th and then we can relax.” I’m sure the big man in red feels […]

Guess Who is Coming to Dinner

Every Christmas when I was a kid, my grandmother would invite people from her church to spend Christmas day with our family. They were people who lived alone and had no family to be with during the holidays. She couldn’t stand the thought of anyone being alone on Christmas. I remember rolling my eyes and groaning when my mom […]

“Thank You” is a Great Sub for Sorry

A little trick my friend taught me to teach your kids polite positivity.

Thank you, Mr. Hoffman

Reposted from Nov, 2016 A few years back, the minister at my father’s church asked his parishioners to write a letter to somebody who made an impact in their life. There are so many times when people have a real impact but we don’t express it. Often times, we assume that they know. For most of us, […]

Finding Your G Spot

by Shannon Albarelli, Psy.D. As a mom who works with moms; and is friends with moms; and sees moms professionally… it is clear to me that all moms (and all humans for that matter) need find…their g-spots, their place of Gratitude. I know, not as sexy as you expected, but I got your attention right? And […]

End Of Year Teacher Gifts They Will Really Use!

Take it from me, at the end of the school year, teacher’s want one thing – rest. Saying good bye is the hardest part of this teacher’s year – no kidding. Even though some of the kids drive you up a wall all year long, when graduation hits, there isn’t a dry eye in the […]

A Story We Could All Use….

I just read an article in the New York Post about a Boston Marathon survivor who married the fireman who saved her: Mike Materia and Rosann Sdoia. The couple met on that terrible day. She was severely injured and he accompanied her in the ambulance. After the bombing, Mike visited her a few days later. And with a […]

How Fitness Saved My Life – A Thanksgiving Narrative

There are so many reasons I am grateful for fitness in my life but this is probably the most important one.

Self-Esteem for your Tween

Building self-esteem is a goal of every parent, especially those with a daughter on the brink of becoming a teen. Learn 5 simple ways you can help promote your child's sense of self.


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