breast cancer awareness

Get on the Ball: Schedule Your Mammogram

Breast cancer is the most common cancer among American women, except for skin cancers. Regular screenings for breast cancer are so important because it’s been shown time and time again that regular screening for breast cancer with a mammogram and a breast self-exam reduces the risk of dying from breast cancer by catching the cancer early, […]

Don’t Forget About Your Girls

Did you know that you should be fitted for Sports Bras and the type of activity you do impacts the TYPE of Sports Bra you use?

Pink Lady Milkshake

A sweet treat for the entire family with a bit of omission… specifically, rum. Bring the ice-cream parlor into your own home this evening and turn those back-to-school frowns upside down! (recipe adapted from bonappetit.com)

Pink Champagne Cupcakes

Difficult day at work? Challenging day at school? No matter what sort of day you and your family had, a pink cupcake will top it off with a definite smile. *recipe… thanks to eclectic recipes.com

What Screening Tests Should I Schedule?

As a Family Doc, a big part of my training and practice focused on preventative medicine. Granted, it is much less sexy than cardiac surgery, but it was my favorite aspect. It is like avoiding an engine rebuild by getting your oil changed once in a while. Screening is just one aspect of prevention, but it is a critical one.

Seared Salmon with Soy, Scallions, and Ginger

Choose a healthier option for dinner tonight. Salmon is an entree that serves no guilt but tons of nutrition.


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