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The 80 Calorie Cocktail

Skip the tonic and use soda water which has zero calories. You only have to account for the amount of calories in your vodka and splash of lime. Ingredients 1oz. vodka (69 calories per ounce) 1/2 lime (11 calories) 4 mint leaves 4oz. soda water 3-4 ice cubes Directions Muddle the lime and mint in a bowl. Add ingredients […]

(Low-Cal) Dirty Martini

I bet you didn’t realize that a Dirty Martini has between 220-330 calories per 4 oz serving! As much as I love them… the olives and brine aren’t helping the calorie situation. So, instead, try hot-pepper-infused vodka over ice with 1 olive. Suddenly, your calorie count is down to 105. The pepper in the vodka is subtle but gives it a little somethin’ extra. 2 […]

“Healthy” Cocktails – Do They Exist?

With summer comes BBq's, grads, weddings and just more get togethers. This can also mean more alcohol consumption. Here are my tips to manage intake and keep the calories low without spoiling the fun.


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