Safety Tips For Kids’ Halloween Makeup

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Can you be a fairy without glittery eyes or a vampire without dripping blood? Certainly, you can’t pull off princess without long lashes or the Hulk without a green face. Makeup completes many the costume, but it can also be irritating and itchy, and it can cause allergic reactions. So, while your Goth queen absolutely needs her raven lips, you should follow these tips to ensure cosmetics don’t end up ruining the fun.

Check the label. Not all Halloween makeup is safe to use on the face and around the eyes.

Fake blood can be toxic. Don’t assume you can use it around the eyes or the mouth. Again, check the label.

In young children, or in children prone to allergic reactions, do a patch test a few days before Halloween. Apply a small amount of the makeup you intend to use to the side of the cheek and monitor for redness or breakouts.

Less is more when it comes to children. Try to get away with the minimum amount of makeup, as it will likely just end up smeared all over their face and hands. A couple of whiskers with a waterproof liner for your little cat or bright red lips for your drama queen is often enough to make them feel complete.

Avoid using makeup around the eyes of small children.

Make sure you are applying with clean hands and sponges.

Only use cosmetic glitter on the face. Do not supplement with craft glitter, especially around the eyes.

Avoid sharing lipstick. Use an applicator instead of applying directly if more than one person is using the stick.

For acne prone teens, stick to non-comedogenic makeup.

Don’t sleep in Halloween makeup.

Remember, anything that gets put on, eventually has to come off. It may come off on their costume, or worse, on your couch. Use products that will not run, but will also not be too difficult or labor intensive to remove.

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Author: Karen Latimer

Karen is a Family Doctor, mom of five and founder of Tips From Town.


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