Pre-Prom Photo Party

Throw a Pre-Prom Photo Party. Keep it intimate and relaxed, it will be an event to remember, as well as a way to take some of your best photos of the evening.

Outdoor Photo Spot

Pre-Prom 2014 9Scout a location with the perfect backdrop, whether it’s a stone wall, blooming tree, or the stone stairs. For great group photos have everyone stand at a 45 degree angle toward the center and turn just their heads to the photographer, or take a candid in a more relaxed pose. Find a spot where the light is relatively bright but no one is squinting (a shady area outside can work well). Shadows thrown across faces at odd angles can turn a great photo into a disaster. Nothing ruins a photo faster than a forced fake smile, capture a genuine expression. And let the happy couple get close to each other in the photo.

Go Retro Photo Booth

Set up a ironic, classic prom style photo station. Hang a solid color sheet on the wall, then tie helium balloons together into an arc. Make a banner with the name of your prom and date (or a small blackboard with “A Night To Remember”), and set the tone for silly fun. Create an indoor balloon wall backdrop by blowing up balloons (don’t use helium) and simply taping them along the wall. Shoot confetti guns during the shots for special effects.

DIY Streamer/Ribbon Backdrop

For this project all you need are streamers or ribbons in different colors, glue, scissors and a large roll of paper (you can find rolls of paper at places like Home Depot or Staples) as the base for the backdrop. Run a line of Elmer’s glue across the base paper and start designing your backdrop. Tie the backdrop in between trees. If you are indoors, you can make a loop the top edge of your backdrop like a curtain, staple the ends on the back and thread it through a curtain rod.

Photo Tent

Erect a pop-up tent and drape it with fabric. Use lounge furniture to create special sanctuary for hanging out and taking photos. Place furniture artistically in front of the backdrop to create a fun scene for your photographer. Use benches, coffee and side tables, ottomans and arm chairs.

Hanging Frames

Picture frames – plain or ornate – can be fun, fabulous details for you to infuse into your big day. Look for cool, vintage frames at garage sales and then spray them to fit in your color scheme. A pop of color will give your frame photo booth a modern approach. Create an outdoor “photo booth” by hanging empty picture frames between trees.After the prom, give the frame yet another life, framing one of your favorite prom images. For another DIY photo booth idea, head to Ruffled to get the tutorial on how to build an $80 booth.

Serve Drinks and Snacks

Drinks should be non-alcoholic (hence the name, “mocktail”), while bite-sized fare is probably the best choice to lessen the threat of mess or spills on their formal attire. Serve sparkling water or cider, served in champagne flutes, non-alcoholic punch or a signature mocktail. A staple at most cocktail parties is an assortment of fruit, cheese and crackers. These are light snacks that may be just enough to calm nervous tummies, and not interfere with the formal dinner ahead at prom.

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