Pool Party – No Kids Allowed

The pool party is at your house! Since you’re the lucky one with a swimming pool, you have the job of making sure the party is a splashing success. Nothing is more fun and festive at a party with adult pool toys and fun.

Underwater Pool Light Show

Create an underwater dance party with these dazzling pool lights. It is perfect for that upcoming pool party or just an evening in your pool, and features 10 different light shows for plenty of swimming pool sparkle and fun. You can have your underwater pool light flash colors randomly, flash two colors together, fade from one color to the next, stay on continuously, or randomly cycle through all of the shows, but don’t stop there—each “show” on this underwater light has a rotating option for an additional five shows. Home Wet Bar $39.95

Party Ice Luge

Break the ice at your next get-together with is incredibly fun party ice luge. Simply fill the mold with water and freeze. Then flip it over, setting the party ice luge on the raised base and you’re ready for some fast-paced downhill action. The two built in ice chutes not only chill your shots, they also ensure a night of fun as you race your friends to the finish. You can effortlessly make your own ice luge–just add water. Home Wet Bar $22.99

Floating Pool Beer Pong Table

Dreaming of white ping-pong balls, cold beer, red dixie cups, and sweet victory. A floating beer pong table turns the most beloved of all drinking games into one of the most entertaining (and possibly the most exciting) swimming pool games yet. Set up is a breeze: simply unpack from the handy storage tote and inflate the beer pong table. This floating beer pong table is made of heavy-duty vinyl. Amazon $68.70

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