Madison Author Hosts Book Signing


Rendezvous with Death – Book Signing
Saturday, June 25 at 2:00PM
Barnes and Noble, Livingston Mall, Livingston NJ 

David Hanna, a local Author and Historian who lives with his family in Madison, released a new book on Monday, June 22, entitled ‘Rendezvous with Death’.
Before America joined World War I, a small group of Americans, consisting mainly of writers, poets, and painters, volunteered for the French Foreign Legion to fight against Germany in the year 1914. These Americans, although amateurs, were quite idealistic. The invading German Army was threatening the city of Paris when they enlisted.  The city was for most of them part playground and part muse, and well worth defending.

David spent three and a half years researching and writing Rendezvous with Death, including time spent in France.  Journals left behind by both the American soldiers and their families also provided information and details of their experiences.

The book’s title is taken from words written by one of the soldiers, poet Alan Seeger.  Seeger wrote: “I’ve a rendezvous with Death At midnight in some flaming town, when Spring trips north again this year, and I to my pledged word am true, I shall not fail that rendezvous.”

David will host a brief reading from his book followed by a Q&A session and book signing.

David’s first book, “Knights of the Sea”, about the War of 1812, was published in 2012.




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