Let’s Pretend This Never Happened

By Jenny Lawson
Year: 2012
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I bought this book in an absolute rush in an airport convenience store.  Three kids in tow and a long flight ahead of us, my need was basic – pass the hours.

This (mostly true memoir) about Jenny Lawson’s outrageous, almost unbelievable life experiences will have you laughing out loud until you begrudgingly turn the last page.    As Kathryn Stockett (author of The Help) wrote, “GET READY” Jenny has such a disturbing, ill-mannered, rich sense of humor, you will wonder, “Am I the sick one for laughing?”  Everyone I gave the book to confirmed: We must all be sick, because this book IS HYSTERICAL”

This book went well beyond passing the hours, I’d recommend it to anyone – unless you have an aversion to laughing or “potty words”.

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Author: Abby OReilly


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