I Finally Found a Way to RELAX!


Remember the good old days, when you were say, six years old and the absolute best present you could receive was a brand, spankin’ new coloring book and a fresh box of finely sharpened crayons? I remember years ago when the kids were little and they would ask me to “color” with them. I had no problem putting down the laundry, or stopping whatever it was I was doing to share the joy of coloring with them. Instantaneously all your cares drifted away and your only concern was staying within the lines. Of course, as life goes on gets more complicated grown ups have to give up the coloring and perform menial tasks such as balancing checkbooks, taking the dog for a walk and weeding the garden.

Then, all of a sudden, you notice that coloring books for adults are becoming a “thing.” They are seemingly everywhere, the local drugstore, online at Amazon and at the local craft stores. They are stunningly beautiful  – intricate in fact and look like they would take up an enormous amount of your time. You look at the ads lovingly and with nostalgia only to purchase one for a friend in the hospital, but secretly want to keep it for yourself. My Lord, they come with 64 different colored pencils! Every shade of blue, green and yellow is in that box! Oh well, maybe I will twist my ankle and end up laid up on the couch some day soon. They even have one that’s filled with swear words for adult eyes only and one for dirty little housewives.

THEN I discovered something completely AWESOME! It is an app that I downloaded for my IPAD. It is called ReColor and is the coloring book for adults that allows you to veg out and color and complete lovely designs while investing a short amount of your precious time! The app is FREE and yes, the amount of free designs are limited, but you can upgrade for a small fee to access hundreds more. I urge you to try this out and allow yourself to have an hour of “me” time to unwind and regress back to your childhood! I definitely enjoyed creating these two designs – hope you do too!

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Author: Thea Ferzola