You Love That I’m Not Your Wife

I am fortunate to call Joanne Mosconi (Piano) my friend. I was enamored with her when we first met nearly 13 years ago when I started teaching. She was this lovely, petite firecracker of a drama teacher that had spunk and smarts that I often envied ( In a good way of course!) She followed her dreams, and thanks to social media I have been able to keep track of her successes. A few years ago Joanne penned the HYSTERICAL F&%$ Marry Kill – which I eagerly attended if only to get a glimpse at my beautiful, nymph like former colleague. She wrote,produced and directed it and I remember beaming with pride as I stifled my laughter. This woman was really funny! Smart, sexy and sarcastic all in one! My type of gal – and then, she became bi-coastal. Joanne has supported her father Chef Pietro to the point of enrolling herself in a competitive culinary school and becoming a Chef herself! Her dad’s restaurant Villa Mosconi’s is the place to be for after the theater, and Joanne’s sense of family comes through in every social media blog she posts. 

Here is the best part – she has penned another play that was a huge success in L.A. and is now debuting in New York City. My girls at school surprised me with tickets to opening night and I can’t wait! The reviews are awesome, the cast delicious and the dialogue is sure to be witty, sexy, sarcastic and poignant. Joanne is a woman who should be celebrated, and if given the opportunity, you should really try and procure tickets to You Love That I’m Not Your Wife. It is playing for two weeks starting November 3rd at the Steve and Marie Sgouros Theater at 115 Macdougal Street

I can’t wait to see Joanne, spend time with my girls and LMAO!

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Author: Thea Ferzola