Women’s Health — 5 Ways to Look 10 pounds lighter

No time to exercise and you love food and wine? Me too! Instead of actually losing the weight, according to a past article in Women’s Health, you can look 10 pounds thinner just by wearing the right clothes. This is great for me since the only one seeing me naked these days is my husband, who has sworn better or for worse.

Click here for the whole slideshow, and of course, take note, the model is thin and gorgeous. Whatever. Still, I think the tips are good ones.

To summarize:

1. When it comes to jeans, dark, boot-cut is best.

2. Wear long body-lengthening layers that are made of thin fabric. Bulkier does not hide your weight, but accentuates it.

3. Look for dresses that give you an hourglass shape in structured fabrics.

4. Define your waist.

5. Wear long dark pants. (Sort of the same as tip #1, but still, a good reminder.)

Glamour has a similar article, with some additional tips. The models are much more realistic. You might want to start here.

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Author: Karen Latimer

Karen is a Family Doctor, mom of five and founder of Tips From Town.


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