Wandraiser: Recycling for Earth Day!

Want to do something easy for Earth Day? Don’t throw away those old mascara wands; put them to a new use! Old mascara wands are used to remove fly eggs and larva from the fur of wild animals. They work great because the bristles are close together. You can send your wands or gather old mascara wands and donations for friends to help the wild ones by hosting a Wands for Wildlife®​ Wandraiser! ​(Please do no purchase new wands; the program is for recycling old wands.) 

How to recycle your mascara wands:
Before mailing, wash wands in warm soapy water to remove residual mascara. ​
Mail form, old wands & donations to
P.O. Box 1211, Skyland, NC 28776.
For more information, go to: Appalachian Wildlife Refuge
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Author: Heather Zachariah

Former Art Director for Home Magazine and Caribbean Travel & Life, Heather is chauffeur to 3 busy kids; the president of her Home and School Association; and VP of Marketing for TipsFromTown. And she's passionate about all 3!


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