How to Talk to Kids About Suicide

Suicide is in the news, it’s in our communities, it’s on our minds. It is most likely also on the minds of our children who are no longer sheltered from the big bad adult world the way kids used to be. Gossip isĀ overheard. The news is always on. Social media can shock. Kids talk to […]

Social Media Strike for Teen Suicide Prevention

Disclaimer: This project is my daughter’sĀ service project with her Confirmation group, and I am one of the leaders of that group. From March 15th through March 21st, take a break from social media in support of a great cause. Also Read: Teen Suicide Peaks in Spring: Know the Signs The increase in social media use […]

What to Say to Your Kids about Suicide

Suggestions to make the talk about mental illness and suicide easier and more effective.

Teen Suicide Peaks in the Spring

What are the warning signs you should be looking for?

Assessing Risk in Your Spring-STRESSED Teen

Suicide increases in the Spring. If you are the parent of a teenager, this probably doesn't surprise you.


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